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Alumni Corner

Updates and remarks from LEND Alumni!

Yuki Nagano, niece, nephew, and dog.

Yuki Nagano


"I feel that I was fortunate to be able to join the LEND program. It was a unique program that provides opportunities to students from multi-disciplines to collaborate with each other to solve the problems of children with special needs and their families. I liked the environment in LEND which welcomed different thoughts, opinions, and perspectives and respected such differences to work together achieving a same goal. Currently, I am working as a child life specialist (hospital play specialist) in a children’s hospital in Osaka, Japan. The skills and knowledge that I gained through LEND can also be utilized here in Japan beyond the cultural and language differences. I would like to share my experiences in LEND with other professionals in Japan and facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration."


"I want to give my sincere thanks to you and share you with good news in my life.

Good news NO.1. Finally Indiana State University offered me an assistantship (including tuition remission and monthly stipend) which could support my 5-year PhD study in school psychology. School has started for 2 weeks now, very busy but everything's going well. I'm trying my best to adapt to the new environment and face new challenges. Thank you for being my mentor in LEND, also thank you for your guidance and encouragements. I'm benefiting from what you taught me everyday in my study and work. Thank you!

Good new NO.2. I got married this August : ) My husband also has the willing to help children with special needs (He studied anesthesiology at the University of Hong Kong, now he is seeking for clinical training opportunities and preparing for qualification examination). Hope we two could do more to help children and their families when we get prepared.

Thanks so much for leading me to this field! I'll try my best to learn and to give in the future. My sincere thanks to you again!

Attached is a wedding picture that we want to share with you. I'll keep you posted about my study in this program."

-Pei Huang 2013-2014


"The best part of the LEND experience for me was getting to know the other students and faculty. It was wonderful to connect with others who had similar professional goals and focus on helping children with disabilities.

Learning how to work with people from a variety of disciplines (and how everyone brings something different and valuable to the conversation) is the single most important lesson I took with me from my time with LEND.

The ability to work with professionals from other disciplines has been extremely helpful in my current position and I know LEND was key in helping me learn that and appreciate the importance of an interdisciplinary perspective.

My experience with LEND taught me so many things and has been valuable in ways I never would have imagined."

-Amanda Meighan



"LEND was a unique and wonderful opportunity that I was able to be a part of. It is unlike other programs offered to students in that you are able to interact with multiple types of professionals while developing problem solving skills with complex medical cases. The largest value I received from the program was the networking capabilities and understanding of other professionals' roles to ensure better referral services. Overall, it was a great experience that I encourage others to consider."

-Rachel Harkawik